Saturday, November 13, 2010

Album Review of the week


If you're looking for something groundbreaking new, you might as well stop reading now. If there is one thing This Is Hell from Long Island, New York are not, then it's innovative. If you're looking for honest music, hat is powerfull and to the point, should risk a look and listen with this band. This five piece is devoted to Hardcore, and even if they do not reinvent the wheel, you can find a very emotional and powerful interpretation of the genre.

This starts with the sound of the album. The production sounds very unpolished and rough, overall the sound reminds of the last Gallows record. In a way, the album has the flair of a local punk band, as if you're listening to your local heroes from the youth center around the corner. And this is meant in the most positive way. This is one of the reasons that it does not matter that much that the riffs of Rick Jiminez and Chris Reynolds sound quite similar in rapid succession. The main construct of Here Come The Rains and The Polygraph Cheaters are really similar, which is noticed especially after repeated listens. This lack in variety is made up with a lot of energy and power that the songs present. The rythm section with Dan Bourke and Jhonny Moore pushes forward all the time, and gives more relaxed instrumentals like 8/27/05 a very dense atmosphere. It all comes together with singer Travis Reilly, who complements if perfectly with his ongoing pissed sounding vocals, supported by the typical Comeback Kid-singalongs featuring a thousend men as it seems.

What more is there to say? As a whole, the album can impress. With the Hardcore in the wake of acts like Modern Life Is War and American Nightmare, This Is Hell can land some good hits. In about thirty minutes play time the listener get's a good demonstration how Hardcore should sound: energetic, powerful, honest and close to the audience. When the songs display a clear singalong character, like the single The Polygraph Cheaters, what should go wrong then? Maybe that's the reason why Converge frontman Jacob Bannon designed the cover for this one. If you're looking for a really solid Hardcore-record, get this one.

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This is probably the top track from this album, worth a listen for every hardcore fan


  1. sounds good on laptop speakers.. I bet it'll be better on the sound system

  2. Oh wow, that was pretty awesome. THIS IS A PLACE I NEVER WANTED TO BE!

  3. Nice review, not my thing though.

  4. yeah pretty sick song man, looking forward to more reviews