Monday, November 8, 2010

Torchlight 2 announced!

Sleeper hit Torchlight is set to receive its first sequel next spring. At this rate, the dungeon-crawling digital distribution darling may release its third entry before Diablo 3 even begins to stir from its long development slumber.

The big change this time out for the dungeon crawler will be online co-op. Runic Games notes that the game will feature a free peer-to-peer matchmaking service to "meet new players of a similar level and interest." And this time around, the world will include "expansive" randomized outdoor environments -- don't worry, the dungeons are still there -- along with "random instanced and persistent dungeons." Expect new monsters, weather effects, a new story and LOOT!

Torchlight 2
will be playable at GamesCom later this month in Germany and at PAX Prime (Seattle) in September. The game will "initially" launch as a downloadable title in Spring 2011

this is gonna be epic, hopefully wont be as repetative as the first torchlight.

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  1. I just hope it gets online one day. Torchlight was a pretty dope game, reminded me of my old Diablo2 times!